Tips for Choosing the Right HVAC Company



Choosing the Right HVAC Company

The market for air conditioning and heating units is very competitive these days. This makes it tough to know how to separate a good HVAC company from the very best. A quick Google search for HVAC companies in your city will show you just how many competing companies are out there – complicating your search for an honest and reputable contractor.

Here, we’ll list a few helpful tips for making the right HVAC contractor choice.

Service Hours – Many HVAC providers in Minneapolis will have people on call 24/7 – but the best time to find the right company is before you need them for emergency services!

Location – Check where the HVAC company is located or based in relation to your home or business. How long will it take the technician to travel to you? Try to choose a provider that’s located within 10 miles of your home. Travel time and mileage can add to the cost of your service and there are plenty of providers within each community.

Pricing – Look at a few different companies and try to determine their typical charges for some of the more common service calls. Make sure the prices fit within your budget, and be sure to ask if they offer any discounts or specials at certain times of the year.

Longevity – Ask how long the HVAC company has been in business. Longevity in the industry can help you determine if they’re reputable. Also, technology constantly changes, so be sure you choose a HVAC tech that has stayed current with technology and the upgrades to home heating and air units. At least 5 years in business is a good rule of thumb.

Experience – Find out if the company you’re considering has experience with the type of service you need and even the specific models of heating and air conditioning units you have in your home.

Online Reviews – The internet is a great equalizer for business. Online reviews let consumers know how a company treats its customers, follows up with bad feedback etc. If there’s negative feedback, is it just a few isolated events, or does it look like almost every customer has some kind of bad experience? Multiple four- or five-star reviews is definitely a sign that the company values great service and fair pricing, because satisfied customers are taking time out of their day to provide positive feedback.

The best thing to remember is to try to do some advanced research before you actually need an HVAC company, and keep a couple good options on speed dial! If you have a furnace or an air conditioner, or both, you’re probably going to need HVAC service at some point. So having these questions answered will save you time and stress when that emergency repair is finally needed. In Minnesota, you know your furnace is probably going to fail in January and the AC unit will go kaput in July. So save yourself the frustration of research during an emergency and find your trusted HVAC partner today.

Of course Ideal Air would love to be your trusted HVAC partner and we’re proud of our honest service, competitive pricing, and industry experience. Call us today for an estimate for any of your home heating or cooling requirements.

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