Spring Cleaning

If you have been attacking some spring cleaning around the house, don’t forget to include your air conditioning and HVAC system in your cleaning.  Professional HVAC companies highly recommend cleaning your humidifiers and air purifiers to make sure that you save money on energy bills, as well as staying cool. Another reason to keep your home and the air in your home as clean as possible is to protect against allergy and asthma attacks.  Summertime is the worst for asthma problems, so purifying your air with a good HVAC system is essential to your health in some cases.  It’s also important to protect against air pollutants that can live inside your house.  Disease can be carried through these pollutants and in some cases, even obstruction of the lungs.  These air-borne diseases can easily spread through fabrics, sofa cushions, pillows and bedding, and even your air conditioner.  Don’t forget to maintain your HVAC system by scheduling routine maintenance.