Warm Tips for Cold Weather



1.            Warm Yourself First – It’s easier to change your body temperature than the room temperature.  Sometimes you may feel cold, but by warming yourself from the inside out, you can avoid raising the thermostat.  Often, just a cup of hot cocoa or tea may be enough to feel warmer. 

 2.           Dress in Layers — Wool is best, but new high tech clothing is designed for warmth with less bulk.

 3.           Wear a Warm Hat – Wear a warm hat made for cold weather to prevent your body heat escaping through your head – even when inside this is a quick way to feel warmer.

 4.           Use Hand Warmers — radiate warmth inside your gloves, pockets, and between clothing layers.

 5.           Be Aware of the Wind Chill Factor – and cover up – Extreme Wind chills are very dangerous and can lead to frostbite of any exposed skin within 10 minutes or less.

 6.           Run your Ceiling Fan – Reverse your fan to run in a clockwise direction and run on the lowest speed.  Warm air rises – utilize your ceiling fan to push the warm air back down into the room.

 7.           Block Drafts and Keep Cold Air Outside – Block cold airflow under doorways and sliding glass doors by placing rolled up rugs, or pool noodles, in front of the door.

 8.           Programmable Thermostat – Adjust your thermostat so that the temperature is lower when you are away or overnight while sleeping to save on heating bills.  The thermostat can be programmed to raise the temperature just before you are scheduled to arrive home so your house will be toasty warm as soon as you arrive.

 9.           Don’t Forget Window Coverings — Use a heavier drape or insulated shades in the winter to eliminate drafts.  Be sure to open them on sunny days to let the sun’s heat warm your room.

10.          Use your Oven – Baking is a good way to heat the whole house.  The heat and the smell of fresh baked goods will permeate the whole house, creating a warm and cozy ambience.

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