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How Regular Maintenance of Your HVAC System Saves You Money

How Regular Maintenance of Your HVAC System Saves You Money

The expenses of having a home add up quickly, from roof repairs and plumbing problems to redecorating. You never know what new expense might pop up next, so it feels good wherever you can save a little. 

But how can you start saving without giving up something? 

Stretch your paycheck a bit further by joining Ideal Air’s regular service plan ! It may seem counterintuitive, but regular maintenance of your HVAC systems actually saves you money immediately and over time. 

Here’s how. 

What’s Involved in Regular Service?

Our regular maintenance includes an entire check of your HVAC system twice a year. 

In the fall, get a thorough inspection and cleaning of your heating equipment, no matter what it is, including: 

  • Furnaces
  • Boiler systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Ductless heaters

Then each spring, our team cleans and inspects your air conditioning system. 

During both maintenance visits, our team checks for problems that could require repair, performs efficiency and safety tests, cleans coils and other areas that collect dust and debris, and makes minor adjustments that boost the overall performance of your system. 

This small amount of maintenance delivers a lot of cost savings to you.

Boost Energy Efficiency 

Those performance tests and minor adjustments allow your HVAC system to continue running as efficiently as possible. 

Your A/C or heater won’t draw as much electricity or fuel to run when tuned up regularly, keeping your energy bills low.

Clean for Better Performance

One problem that often occurs in your HVAC system is an accumulation of dust, dirt, debris, pollen, and other pollutants. 

Not only do these particulates get into your indoor air reducing your indoor air quality, but they also gunk up your system. Too much gunk will slow down your heating and cooling system and force it to work harder to heat or cool your home. 

That means using more energy and spiking your energy bills!!!

Regular maintenance cleans your system and prevents a buildup of particulates that could slow your system down. Your energy costs will stay low. 

Catch Problems

During a routine service call, our techs evaluate all of your equipment to ensure each component is doing its job correctly. Sometimes parts need adjustments or recalibrations that our team can make on the spot. 

Other times, our techs will notice minor issues that, if repaired or replaced immediately, will prevent a major or expensive repair later. A minor repair is always less expensive than a big repair, and any repair is less expensive than replacing your equipment. 

So do the cheapest thing and have a minor maintenance fix performed quickly!

Replace or Add New Technology

Technology is always changing, especially in the HVAC industry. New parts and appliances are being upgraded yearly for higher efficiency and performance. 

And sometimes, those better parts can be swapped into your HVAC equipment to improve the quality of your heating or cooling system!

Regular maintenance allows us to keep your equipment on the cutting edge without you having to pay to replace the whole system. 

Increase the Lifespan

Regularly maintained HVAC equipment also lasts longer. In some cases, years longer. 

While most heating and cooling appliances come with a 10-15 year life expectancy, that doesn’t happen without care. 

By keeping your system clean, replacing parts as needed, and checking its overall performance, you may be able to push that lifespan to 20+ years. This means you won’t have to fork over a lot of money for a new HVAC system as frequently. 

More Cost-Saving Benefits of the Ideal Air Service Plan

While the biggest savings come from your HVAC system's ability to run efficiently longer, joining our maintenance program offers other money-saving perks, too! 

Enjoy these benefits as soon as you join:

  • 10% off all parts and labor on repairs and upgrades.
  • Discounts on after-hour emergency service travel charges.
  • No trip charges within the first 30 days of enrollment during regular hour calls.
  • Next day scheduling for efficient repairs.

Join the Ideal Air Service Plan

Start saving money with your HVAC system today! Plus, enjoy the comfort that a well-functioning furnace, A/C, heat pump, or ductless mini-split should provide you for a long time. Let our factory-trained technicians bring your ideal air to your home 24/7. 

To sign up for our routine service plan, simply call 651-707-6007 and talk directly with our team or message us online to set up an inspection of your HVAC system today!

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