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Air Quality

Air Quality Services in Blaine, MN

Improve the freshness and comfortability of your indoor air quality with whole-house systems that remove stale air and keep your home at the right humidity level in every season. From air exchangers to humidifiers, Ideal Air can install whatever you need to enjoy your home!

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  • 20+ years of IAQ system installations
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Ideal Air

Your Ideal Indoor Air Quality

For more than 20 years, our professionals have introduced homeowners throughout the Twin Cities to better air quality in their homes by incorporating high-quality products into their HVAC systems. By partnering with reputable manufacturers, like AprilAire, our team delivers long-lasting freshness and healthier air for you and your family.

And like our heating and cooling services , our team is certified to repair and maintain your indoor air quality systems for as long as you use them, with emergency services available any day or night. Never worry about your home’s air quality or condition when working with the Ideal Air techs!

See why our customers are giving us 5-star reviews for repairs and installations. Then schedule a consultation to improve your home’s air quality with any of these whole-house systems.

Whole-House Humidifier

Maintaining a comfortable humidity level in your home, especially during winter months, can be challenging. So, let our team install a whole-house humidifier that will increase the moisture in the air to an appropriate level.

While indoor heating systems reduce the already dry air in your home, whole-house humidifiers counteract it and bring the indoor relative humidity to a comfortable level.

Humidity levels are important in your home to prevent health concerns, like drying nasal passages, which lead to sore throats and coughs, and they help relieve symptoms for those suffering from allergies and asthma.

Boosting your home’s optimal humidity also reduces static electricity and keeps your wood furniture, doors, and floors from shrinking during the dry season.

Since dry air is perceived to feel colder than more humid air, you may find that with a whole-house humidifier, your energy bills don’t increase as much over the winter because your air feels warmer.

Whole-House Dehumidifiers

On the flip side, as the heat rises during Minnesota’s summer months, so does the humidity. That muggy air outside creates excess humidity inside that feels just as thick and unbearable. While your air conditioner can reduce some of the humidity in your home, it can’t always manage all of it.

Along with feeling uncomfortable, high levels of humidity in your home can also establish an environment for contaminants like mold and bacteria to thrive, which is detrimental to your health if allowed to blow through your vents.

Install a whole-house dehumidifier for the most effective and energy-efficient ways to remove humidity from your home. It can be installed as part of your home’s heating and cooling system and will work seamlessly with your systems to reduce moisture in your home to a comfortable and safe level.

Air Exchange Systems

While you may do everything you can to keep your home clean and your indoor air fresh, it can become even more polluted than outside air. When fresh air is not introduced into your home, the air stagnates.

That stuffy air can aggravate asthma and other lung and respiratory conditions, with symptoms like fatigue, dry eyes, headaches, and nasal congestion occurring.

If this happens in your home, adding an air exchanger to your existing cooling or heating system can help. As the name implies, air exchangers exchange the air between an outdoor and indoor space. An air exchanger will replenish particulate and toxin-rich indoor air with natural, fresh outdoor air.

If you’re worried the outdoor air will bring bad particles in with it, never fear. An air filter is attached to the air exchanger to ensure incoming air is filtered from allergens, dust, and other pollutants.

Air & HEPA Filtration Systems

To ensure your indoor air quality stays at easy-breathing levels, add an air filtration or HEPA filtration system to your heating or cooling equipment. While these systems don’t saintize your air the way an air purifying system does, they do cleanse the air by removing impurities and contaminants.

Air filtration systems work by using internal fans to pull air into your home. That air is then passed through a series of filters that catch pollutants and irritants before the air is released into your home.

Different filters have various levels of capabilities regarding what they can filter out of the air. HEPA filters are considered the top performing with their high rate of removing airborne particles like dust, dander, mold spores, and pollen.

Changing these filters at regular intervals is important to maintaining the high level of air quality you may want, but little other maintenance is required to keep these systems going. Let our team help you decide what air filtration system is right for your home!

Bath & Exhaust Fan Installation

Some rooms in your home create more odors, humidity, and higher levels of pollutants, like your kitchen and bathroom. The best way to manage these unwanted levels of humidity and contaminants is to install a venting fan system that pulls them out of your home and releases them outside.

Bath and kitchen exhaust fans help eliminate odors, smoke from cooking, and high humidity from hot showers by using fans that pull air up into ducts that vent out of your home. The result is cleaner air and less humidity when you need it the most.

Consult with our experts on the best way to install exhaust fans in your home!

Achieve Balanced Indoor Air Quality With Ideal Air

If you’re suffering from stagnate air or high humidity in your home, let our pros perform an IAQ inspection and devise a plan that’s best for your air. Our experts can help you find ideal solutions that can work with your existing HVAC equipment without having to upgrade your whole system, and our installations come with a peace of mind warranty.

Always be comfortable in your own home. Schedule an air quality inspection today by calling 651-707-6007 or message us online .

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