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HVAC Maintenance Plans in Blaine, MN

Want to improve the efficiency and lifespan of your home’s heating and cooling devices? Keep your HVAC equipment in peak condition and ready for all that Minnesota weather can bring with a regular maintenance plan from Ideal Air!

  • Certified technicians with 20+ years of HVAC experience
  • Fast, thorough HVAC inspections, cleanings, and adjustments
  • Only $20.75 per month for year-round, worry-free protection
  • Locally owned, 5-star reviewed HVAC repair company
Ideal Air

Ideal HVAC Service Plans for Your Home

By joining our regular maintenance program, the perks are immediate. Not only do you receive high-quality inspections from our factory-trained technicians twice a year, but you also enjoy extra benefits that fit your lifestyle and wallet.

  • Next day scheduling.
  • Full inspections and cleanings of your system during service visits.
  • No trip charge for services during regular hours in the first 30 days of the enrollment period.
  • Discounted after-hour travel charge for emergency services.
  • 10% discount on all parts and labor for repairs and upgrades.

How Our Maintenance Plan Works

When you sign up for routine service, you pay an annual fee that renews each year for as long as you want the service. Then our team lets you know when it’s time for your next system check-up and schedules a visit ASAP.

Our techs will schedule an appointment each fall to inspect your furnace, boiler or heat pump and another each spring for your air conditioner.

And if you need emergency or repair services any other time, as a member, you get discounted prices for services and parts.

What’s Included in Our HVAC Service Plans?

In short, everything! Our techs run a full diagnostic of they system, verifying the system’s performance as a whole, as well as checking each part for cracks, leaks, and malfunctioning problems.

What Are The Benefits to a HVAC Service Plan?

With just two check-ups a year, you’ll enjoy so much more from your HVAC equipment, no matter what kind of heating or cooling system you have, including:

  • Longer lifespans for your HVAC systems.
  • Higher overall function and better energy efficiency.
  • Lower energy bills due to better performance.
  • Earlier detection of problems to save you money on repairs.

Save Money With an Ideal Air HVAC Service Plan

Regular maintenance for your HVAC systems pays for itself and saves you money in the long run, especially when you join the Ideal Air service plan! Start reaping the benefits today and ensure your home is always at its most comfortable.

Call 651-707-6007 or message us online to sign up for a maintenance plan that delivers lasting enjoyment in your home!

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