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Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat Pump Tune-Ups in Blaine, MN

Don’t let a big repair cost force you into the cold. Keep your heat pump running quietly, heating evenly, and saving you money on energy costs by getting regular yearly maintenance performed by the Ideal Air experts!

  • Dedicated, factory-trained heat pump technicians
  • Locally operated with 24/7 emergency services 
  • Over 20 years of HVAC maintenance experience
  • Clear pricing and worry-free warranties
Ideal Air

Professional Heat Pump Cleaning & Maintenance

Like all HVAC equipment, your heat pump needs regular maintenance to continue running as well as it can. Trust our team of experienced technicians to provide yearly inspections and cleanings that boost efficiency and catch any problems before they turn into expensive repairs.

What Goes Into a Heat Pump Inspection & Tune-Up?

At Ideal Air, our team is thoroughly trained to inspect all your heat pump equipment parts. Our techs perform various tests while the heat pump is in heating and defrost mode to monitor its performance, listen for unusual sounds, check air speeds, and evaluate temperature settings.

If your heat pump is connected to an air handler, our techs ensure the two work together seamlessly.

If minor adjustments are needed, our team fixes them on the spot, and if any larger system repairs need to happen, our experts let you know, provide you with an estimate, and make the repairs that day if possible.

Why Get a Heat Pump Maintenance Check-Up?

Yearly maintenance for a heat pump is vital for many reasons, all of which can save you money, including:

  • Fewer repairs: Tune-ups either fix small problems before they get any bigger or catch wear and tear that could require you to replace your whole system.
  • Longer life: Regular maintenance keeps your heat pump going longer, so you can get a full 10-15 years or more out of it.
  • Continual energy efficiency: One of the reasons you may have bought a heat pump in the first place is for its efficiency. It needs regular maintenance to ensure that efficiency stays at its highest level.

Maintain Your Heat Pump With Ideal Air

Your cost-saving heat pump is only as good as the upkeep you provide, so make yours ideal for years with our exceptional maintenance services. Trust our peace of mind warranty for all labor and installation services our experts provide, and rely on us never to try to sell you what you don’t need.

Schedule heat pump maintenance today by calling 651-707-6007 or connecting with us online.

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see what our clients are saying

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