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Air Purification

Air Purification Services in Blaine, MN

If allergens and poor indoor air quality continue to plague your home, even after a duct cleaning, stop them in their tracks with an air purification system installation from Ideal Air! As a certified dealer of AprilAire products, our team will help keep pollutants at bay in your home’s air.

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Ideal Air

High-Quality Air Purification for Your Home

For those with sensitive respiratory systems or those who just want a good IAQ for their home, installing an air purification system is one of the best ways to get the air quality you seek. Most systems can easily be installed within your HVAC system for seamless integration and can be maintained at the same time you have your regular HVAC maintenance check-ups.

Here are some of the most effective air purification devices our technicians can install.

Air Purifiers

Stop spending so much money on bulky stand-alone air purifiers that only cleanse the air in one or two rooms of your home. Instead, consult with our experts on whole-house air purifiers that can restore the air in your home to fresh, safe air quality levels.

By working with reputable manufacturers, like AprilAire, our team installs specially designed systems that remove up to 99% of pollutants from your air, including mold spores, bacteria, viruses, secondhand tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, and lead dust.

Ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers, whole-air purifiers reduce allergen triggers from pollen, pet dander, and odors, too.

UV Light Air Purifiers

More and more studies are showing that HVAC UV light air purifiers are an effective way to kill mold, bacteria, and viruses and eliminate odors to improve your home’s IAQ. And with only an addition of around $2.00 per month to your energy bills, it’s a cost-effective way to cleanse your air.

The two types of UV light systems are:

  • Coil Sterilization: This is the most common type. A stick-type light is installed inside the return air duct. The light runs 24/7 and sterilizes the air handler coil before the air is blown into your home.
  • Air Sterilization: A complete UV light unit is installed in the return air duct and cycles on with the air handler blower, sterilizing the moving air.

UV light air purifiers are most effective when you include other indoor air quality basics, like installing high-MERV filters in your HVAC system, changing them monthly, and having your condenser coil cleaned annually.

The maintenance of UV light air purifiers is simple: change the light bulbs during your annual HVAC service visit.

Electronic Air Cleaners & Purifiers

Electronic air cleaners, ionizers, or electronic air purifiers, use electrically charged filters to reduce the number of airborne contaminants in your home. As air passes through your heating and cooling system, the electronic air cleaner traps large particles, such as dust and dander, in a pre-filter.

Then, electrically charged filters attract and trap smaller particles, like bacteria and mold, to prevent them from recirculating through your home.

Maintenance for air cleaners is easy. Since the filters are reusable, simply remove and wash them every few months.

Some electronic air cleaners can emit low levels of ozone. Consult with our EPA-certified technicians to find safe air cleaners for you and the environment and use efficient filters with a 10 or higher MERV rating.

Breathe Deeply Again With Air Purification From Ideal Air

Get professional air purifying systems installed by our experts and enjoy long-lasting, truly fresh air in your home! Discuss all your air quality concerns and ventilation questions with our dedicated team, and find the solutions that best suit your home’s IAQ needs.

Message us online or call 651-707-6007 to schedule an appointment or service installation today!

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