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Gas Lines

Gas Line Installation in Blaine, MN

With some HVAC equipment dependent on natural gas or propane power sources, your HVAC maintenance team must have the credentials to repair and install gas lines. As a licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC company, Ideal Air prioritizes gas line safety with your HVAC repairs and installations.

  • Over 20 years of gas line installation experience
  • 24-hour emergency services every day of the year
  • EPA-certified, factory-trained gas line installers
  • Worry-free warranties on all gas line services
Ideal Air

Safety First Gas Line Installation

Using gas lines for furnace installations or boiler systems is a popular choice because of the ease and fuel efficiency of propane and natural gas. People often opt for these energy sources when trying not to rely on the electric grid for home heating, too. 

When installing a furnace, boiler , other HVAC equipment, and additional gas lines, be sure you are working with a company licensed and insured for gas line installations, like Ideal Air. Not only do you deserve working HVAC systems, but you should also know they have been safely installed and properly connected to your natural gas or propane tank lines. 

Certified Gas Line Technicians

At Ideal Air, we require our technicians to be certified in all aspects of HVAC installations, repairs, and maintenance, including gas line installation. Our experts are skilled in identifying and repairing line problems, replacing lines, and installing new ones safely and efficiently. 

No matter the brand or type of heating or cooling equipment you have, our techs can make the necessary repairs and installations. 

Guaranteed Gas Line Warranties

Our team offers peace of mind warranties on all of our repairs and installations, including gas lines. So you can trust that our team has installed your HVAC and gas line components correctly, run performance and safety tests, and verified that your system is working properly. 

24/7 Emergency Services

If you suspect a gas line problem related to your HVAC equipment, call us immediately, day or night. Our technicians are always available to repair your gas lines and keep your home safe, warm, and comfortable. 

Full-Service HVAC & Gas Line Installations With Ideal Air

It’s not just your safety that our team cares about. Enjoy transparent pricing with your gas line installation and no sales pitches. When you need a new gas line as a replacement part or as part of a new furnace installation , that’s exactly what you get — an honest installation with no surprise fees on the bill. 

Schedule an inspection or service call with our experienced team and let us check over your entire HVAC system, or join our routine maintenance plans and ensure your gas line and HVAC equipment are fully maintained with twice a year visits. 

Contact us online to set up an appointment or call 651-707-6007.

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